1. 台灣訂單退貨說明


  • 特價出清品除商品本身有瑕疵或污損外,原則上不提供退貨。
  • 退貨時商品須保持全新狀態(未穿戴過、未污損、未經使用),並保留完整標籤、包裝、吊牌及附件。
  • 鞋類商品、配件飾品須放置在原本的品牌盒及防塵袋內退回,並使用額外的包裝盒保護。
  • 試穿時請勿於鞋盒上做任何標記,並請確保鞋盒未髒污損毀。
  • 附有De sidere7.1防盜扣或品牌標籤的商品,退回時請將標籤扣回原位。
  • 請務必穿著自身貼身內衣褲後,再試穿內衣和泳裝。已穿戴過的商品恕不接受退貨。
  • 首飾必須以原本的全新完整狀態退回,包括品牌包裝及相關保證文件。

請小心處理您想要退貨的商品,並以送達時的原始全新狀態退回。如果不符合我們的退貨標準,退貨將無法受理。De sidere7.1 保有最終是否接受退貨的決定權及更改標準的權利。

2. 下列情況除商品本身有瑕疵外,恕無法辦理退貨:

  • 超過7日之退貨期限。
  • 商品包裝、相關配飾、附件、標籤遺失或不完整。
  • 商品有人為使用痕跡、經過修改,或帶有香水/古龍水、護膚品、香菸、汗水等異味。
  • 因人為因素破損、刮傷、髒污,而非處於全新、完整包裝的狀態。
  • 基於衛生考量,貼身用品如內衣褲、襪子、耳環等恕不接受退貨。
  • 國際訂單恕不提供退貨服務,敬請見諒。

3. 退貨/退款流程及所需時間

  • 請於包裹簽收後隔日起算7日內提出退貨申請,逾期不予受理。
  • 請務必確保退回之商品維持原始全新狀態(未穿戴使用、未污損、未經修改、未下水),以避免不符合退貨規定而無法受理之情形。
  • 退貨時須保留完整品牌標籤、De sidere7.1吊牌、包裝及附件。
  • De sidere7.1收到您退回的商品後,約需3-5個工作天(不含假日及國定假日)進行確認。一旦確認無誤,我們將根據您使用的付款方式退款。請留意運費將不予退回。款項入帳的時間因不同銀行或支付平台而有所不同,最長可能需時14-21天。

4. 如何提出退貨申請

  1. 請於包裹簽收後隔日起算7日內提出退貨申請。
  2. 請於官方網站登入,選取您想要申請退貨的訂單,於右上角點選要求退貨,選擇退貨原因後,進行確認。
  3. 確保您想退回的選品為原始全新狀態。若不符退貨標準或無完整標籤、包裝、吊牌及附件,將無法辦理退貨程序,請見諒。
  4. 為使寄送流程更加順暢,請依原寄件方式進行退貨,若購買時選擇宅配,將有黑貓物流人員與您電話聯繫後續收貨事宜;若購買時選擇便利商店,請記下De sidere7.1提供之退貨便代碼於便利商店機台操作列印退貨單,並將退貨包裹交給櫃檯人員。De sidere7.1倉儲部門收到您退回的商品後,約需3-5個工作天(不含假日及國定假日)進行確認。一旦確認無誤,我們將根據您使用的付款方式退款。請留意運費將不 將不予以退回。款項入帳的時間因不同銀行或支付平台而有所不同,最長可能需時 14-21天。如果您在退貨過程中遇到問題,歡迎與我們客服聯絡。


1. Returning from Taiwan
We offer returns within a 7-day period, beginning from the day your order was delivered. Returned items must comply with our Return Policy:

·    Final sale items are eligible for return only if hey are received in a damaged or faulty condition upon delivery.

  • Items must be returned in unworn, undamaged, and unused condition, with all attached tags.
  • Footwear and accessories should be returned in their original branded boxes and dust bags, placed in a protective box.
  • Please avoid marking or damaging footwear boxes during try-on.
  • If an item comes with a De sidere7.1 security tag or brand tag, it must be returned with the tag in its original position.
  • Lingerie and swimwear must only be tried on over your own undergarments. Returns for items that have been worn will not be accepted.
  • Jewelry must be returned in its original condition, including all branded packaging and accompanying documents, just as it was received.

Please handle your purchases with care and return them in the same condition as you received them. Returns not complying with our policy will not be accepted.

2. Why are some items not eligible for return?

  • It has been more than 7 days from the delivery date.
  • Certain corresponding accessories or tags are missing, and/or the branded package is absent.
  • The item shows signs of use, alterations, or carries odors like perfume/cologne, beauty care products, cigarettes, or sweat. 
  • It is stained or damaged due to human factors and is not in its original condition with the branded package.
  • For hygiene reasons, we cannot accept returns for undergarments, socks, and earrings that come into contact with the human body.
  • Regrettably, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for international orders or items purchased outside of Taiwan. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

3. Refund/Return Procedure and Processing Time

  • Return requests must be submitted within 7 days of the delivery date.
  • Please make sure that the returned item(s) is in its original, brand-new condition (unused, clean and undamaged, unaltered, and unwashed), to avoid any situations where the return may not be accepted due to non-compliance with our return policy.
  • The item(s) must be returned with all brand labels, tags, packaging, and any other attachments in the complete set.
  • After we receive your return, processing may require 3-5 business days. Once your return is approved, we will initiate a refund to your original payment method, excluding delivery costs. Refunds may take up to 14-21 days to appear in your account, depending on your payment provider.
4. How to request a return on De sidere7.1 
  1. Please request a return within 7 days from the date of delivery.
  2. Please log in to your account on De sidere7.1’s official website, select the order for which you wish to request a return, click on "request return" in the top-right corner, choose the reason for the return, and proceed with the confirmation.
  3. Ensure the item(s) is in its original condition with tags and packaging, as we can't process returns without them.
  4. To ensure a smooth return process, please use the same selected shipping service as your original order when returning your item. If you selected home delivery when making your purchase, a member of the T-Cat Taiwan Logistics team will reach out to you to arrange the pickup. Alternatively, if you opted for a convenience store as your delivery point, please kindly make a note of the return code provided by De sidere7.1. You can use this code to generate a return slip at the convenience store kiosk and then hand over the return package at the store's counter. After our warehouse receives your return, processing may require 3-5 business days. Once your return is approved, we will initiate a refund to your original payment method, excluding delivery costs. Refunds may take up to 14-21 days to appear in your account, depending on your payment provider.If you encounter any issues during this process, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service team for assistance.